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I just wanted to share my PEACE BRIDGE music video with you today. You can see all of my videos at


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As a musician fairly plugged into the Internet music scene, my inbox overflows daily with advice, trends, and general bologna. Every once in a while i come across a gem – a valuable piece of information which has the potential to really help me in one or more areas of my music career.

Such is the case with the link I want to pass on today . . .

Why Your Acoustic Show Doesn’t Have To Suck

If you do any type of performming I hope this story will help you too!

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Confessions of a Lonely Composer

hitthewallHere it is Thursday – almost the end of the work week. The “day before that dreaded day” – Friday.

I can hear you asking now, “What’s wrong with Friday? Doesn’t everyone in the whole world look forward to Friday?”

I suppose so and even I must admit that Friday’s are not all that terrible. It’s just that on Friday I usually spend several hours reviewing the music ideas and melodies I’ve written throughout the week. It’s almost become a day of dread for me because I’ve accumulated hundreds of musical “snippets” over the past few months and it leaves me in an sensory and emotional over-loaded state trying to sort it all out.

Think of it like this; Every time I write a line of music that is melodic and appeals too me, I save it. For those who have followed me a while, you know that I also habitually “plan” creative sessions several times a week where I will sit at the piano, find a key, invent a melody, and record the entire session on my iPad so that I can go back and rehearse any good ideas that I run onto later. So, let’s say every time I write (or record) some music I throw that “snippet” into a dry river bed. Now here’s my problem – the dry river bed has turned into a raging whitewater river and I’m neck deep in it without a life jacket. There – feelings described.

Also take into consideration that I’m a creative person by nature. My creative radar doesn’t seem to have an off button (at least I’ve never found it) so I stay in a constant state of creativity blur. You know the old adage “can’t see the forest for the trees?” It applies!

So what am I to do?

I’ve never been one to work on a single project at a time. I’ve got to have a whole plethora of irons in the fire and candles burning at both ends. (Geez I’m exhausted after all those idiums!) That being the case, there are days when I feel like I work myself into a frenzy trying to finish just a single project. Hence – the dread of Fridays – a day of reckoning and judgment.

They always say that writers and composers and artists are some of the loneliest people. I know for sure that I spend a lot of time feeling lonely as I wrestle with creative ideas and notions.

Am I alone in the universe?

Does any other creator-type feel over-weighted like I do?

Is there a cure to this sickness?

Well, for today, it doesn’t matter. I have work to do, projects to complete, and Friday coming fast. Time to buckle down and make some headway.

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Title Change

Going forward I’m changing the name of my piece “Joy of Life” to “Lively Diversion” and, although I haven’t thought of a replacement title, I will also be re-naming my second album.